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Enrollment Checklist for First Year Students

Undergraduate students are encouraged to explore the different Honours program options available to them, before beginning to enrol in Level 1 courses. The steps below serve as a guide to completing the enrollment process.

Step 1 – Activate your mac id

Check out UTS’s Guide on activating your MacID


Step 2 – Find out about Upper Level Programs and Requirements

Gateway Programs

  • Chemical & Physical Sciences
  • Environmental & Earth Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics & Statistics

These Level 1 programs lead to the subject-specific Honours Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science degree programs that you are considering for Level 2. The program options available to you in Level 2 will depend on the courses you choose in Level 1. Therefore, your second Step should be to find out more about the degree programs we offer in the Faculty of Science, so that you can plan ahead. You can research the programs offered by McMaster University in the Programs (by Degree) and Minors section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Direct Entry Programs

Honours Integrated Science (iSci) 1

Information regarding course requirements, program notes, and Level II concentrations can be found in the Honours Integrated Science (iSci) section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Honours Kinesiology 1

Students in this program apply for admission to the Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree program for Level 2. For admission requirements, please review the Honours Kinesiology section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Medical Radiation Sciences 1

Medical Radiation Sciences I students apply for acceptance to 1 of 3 specializations: Radiography, Radiation Therapy or Ultrasonography for Level 2 to complete the Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences degree. Enrollment in all specializations is limited. It is important to read the admission requirements of your intended program of study in the Medical Radiation Sciences section of the Undergraduate Calendar.


Step 3 – Get to know specific courses

Now that you have a good idea of the direction you want to pursue, it’s time to choose specific Level 1 courses for the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 Terms. Use the Course Listings section in the Undergraduate Calendar to review course descriptions and requisites. When reviewing courses be sure to make a list of the ones that you must take and the ones that interest you as possible electives. When you are researching your courses make note of the course code (eg, BIOLOGY 1A03), not just the name (eg, Cellular and Molecular Biology).

NOTE: You can find a list of all elective courses available to Level 1 students in the Undergraduate Calendar.


Step 4 – Consult the Master Timetable

You can use the Class Search tool to ensure that the courses you wish to take will fit into your schedule before you enroll. If two of the courses you wish to take are only offered once at the exact same time, you will have to give up one of them and find an alternative. Required courses should always take priority over an elective.


Step 5 – Read Statement on Student Academic Responsibility

It’s imperative that you read the statement on Student Academic Responsibility in the Undergraduate Calendar before enrolling in your courses.


Step 6 – Find out about tuition and payment options

More information about tuition fees and payment options can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.


Step 7 – Watch The New Student Guide – Video Series (Very Important!)

All students are required to watch our interactive, online New Student Guide video series, which is an academic tutorial designed to provide you with important information about the university, course selection, and enrollment procedures.

To view your program-specific episodes, please click HERE.


Step 8 – Enroll online using MOSAIC

Now, you are ready to enrol. As an undergraduate student, you will enrol; for your courses using MOSAIC. More information about course enrollment via MOSAIC can be found on the Getting Enrolled section of the Office of the Registrar’s web page.

Enrollment Appointments will be available in Mosaic for Level 1 students in the Faculty of Science at the end of June. An Enrollment Appointment is the time during which a student can log in on MOSAIC and enrol in their courses.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions.